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Glas-Vakuumtrocknungs-Exsikkator zum heißen Verkauf

Glas-Vakuumtrocknungs-Exsikkator zum heißen Verkauf

Detaillierte ProduktbeschreibungBestehen Sie ISO9001Spezifikation: 180MM 210MM 240MMGlas-VakuumtrocknungslagerungAnwendu
Modell Nr.180MM 210MM 240MM
HerkunftsortZhejiang, China (Festland)
Transportpaketim Karton
HerkunftZhejiang, China (Festland)
Produktionskapazität100 Stück/Stück/Woche
Detailed Product DescriptionPass ISO9001Specification: 180MM 210MM 240MMGlass vacuum drying storageApplicationVacuum drying storage, biochemical reagents, drugs, optical lens, seeds, precision components, cultural relics, it can be used for precision production test in the lab and factory or for vacuum drying of museum cultural relics.Advantages1. Glass vacuum maintenance time is long, the plastic vacuum dryer can keep 30 days after vacuum, and the vacuum degree will be lower at less 3%.2. Inert gas vacuum storage, anti-oxidation drying, the vacuum drying process is rapid and safe, and it is specially useful for volatile liquid.3. It does not need oil during seal but high quality silicon rubber sealing ring.4. Strong resistance to damage, good diaphaneity, light weight, make models with Germanic high quality polycarbonate.5. Save space, the special designed top guarantees the stability of the dryer oven, it is also convenient to hold.Specification180MM 210MM 240MM